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Yoga and mindfulness programming for agencies, community centers, and organizations.

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We teach our classes with a beginners mind.

Adaptive programs for stress reduction, exercise, and emotional health.

We provide tools and techniques to learn how to manage stress though yoga and mindfulness.

As people are experiencing more stress whether it be from combat, trauma,  increased workload, care-giving, financial concerns, and so on, yoga and mindfulness techniques are becoming more popular.


Americans who have mild to severe stress


Service members who experience PTSD


Americans who experience mild to sever back pain.


Percent of older adults who feel lonely

Kind words from our students

Rich Cohen, USAF Veteran, Tampa, FL.

I met Melissa in 2013 when I moved to Tampa, Florida from NH. She had just opened a yoga studio and I wanted to get back into yoga and I was a caregiver for my wife. In the next few years as my wife’s health deteriorated I leaned on Melissa’s Yoga sessions with her focus on mindfulness to help my anxiety. At Melissa’s suggestion, as well as my wife’s I took yoga teacher training and after my wife passed away, Melissa introduced me to the Mindful Academy in Spain where I became certified in MBSR … and now 5 years after meeting Melissa, I have now taken what she started in me and I am now helping veterans at the Tampa VA hospital with Yoga and Mindfulness.   Last year Melissa moved to Chicago and while I do miss her, I fully recommend her to any studio, hospital, and/or employer for her great teaching style for Yoga, yoga therapy, and mindfulness.

Rich Cohen, USAF Veteran, Tampa, FL. -
Cheryl Johnston

I took my first chair yoga class, not knowing what to expect. The teacher, Melissa, was an excellent teacher for that class. She gave clear, specific directions for each pose while also demonstrating most of them. If someone had a harder time, she would tell them how to modify a position. Or if she saw someone was doing a pose easily, she would suggest ways to take it a step further. I was never confused as to what I was supposed to do. The pace of the class went smoothly. She didn't keep us in positions for too long and we didn't speed through from one position to the next. She was a great teacher for someone like me who was new to that type of class.

Cheryl Johnston -
-Michael T.

The yoga classes that you give have helped me in at least 3 ways:

1. Better balance when I need to put my clothes on but can’t bend over adequately.

2. I used deep breathing for pain and anxiety control.

3. Abdominal and pelvic muscle control and strength.

-Michael T. -

Meet the Instructors

Meet our yoga and mindfulness trainers.
Melissa Leger, E-RYT 500, YAECP
Melissa Leger, E-RYT 500, YAECP
 Paul Czajkowski, RYT 200
Paul Czajkowski, RYT 200
Alix Hidal, RYT 200
Alix Hidal, RYT 200
Anastasiia Prodan, 250
Anastasiia Prodan, 250
Sarah Dadrass
Sarah Dadrass

Our Blog

Some musings from our team of instructors.
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June 20, 2019

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Continuing Education for Yoga Instructors
June 30, 2018

Continuing Education Courses

If you’re a yoga instructor who is looking for additional CE credits, we provide education to help enhance your classes as well as obtain Yoga Alliance CE Credits. Our teacher training courses focus on stress reduction techniques, safely instructing students, and the business of yoga. Courses currently offered are: Adapting classes to the individuals Teaching yoga with essential oils Teaching and Methodology Yoga sequencing To find out more check out our courses on our Yoga Certification

Yoga instructors for your business or fitness center
June 13, 2018

Yoga Programming

Yoga classes can significantly increase revenues, build community, and help your organization with their overall mission and vision. However, most organizations don’t know where to start with yoga. The coordinators may have never even taken a yoga class before. So they do what any smart person would do and post a job ad getting hundreds of applicants. Sure they all seem nice enough so they go with the one that interviewed well.  Fast forward one

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