July 29, 2018


Over 75% of Americans are stressed contributing to obesity, disease, and mental health issues. Modern day life is stressful between technology, work, family obligations, military deployments, and unhealthy habits.

Mindful Yoga Chicago helps increase compassion in its communities through stress reduction techniques in the areas of mindfulness, yoga, and movement. By reducing barriers to access including financial, health, and physical aspects, our participants can learn to tune in to the present moment to identify their needs and eventually take action to lead a calmer and less stressful lifestyle. We are a veteran, woman, and minority owned small business.

Mindful Yoga Chicago offers programs through partnerships in our local communities, businesses, and organizations. Through these partnerships we are able to offer high quality series, workshops, and classes to participants at low-cost or complimentary to participants.

  • Consulting and employee training for agencies and organizations for mind-body techniques and practices.
  • Instructor, coach, and therapist training to incorporate mindfulness, trauma-informed yoga, and stress reduction techniques.
  • Yoga Alliance training and certification.
  • Classes for businesses and organizations to reduce stress in th work environment.

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