May 7, 2019

Affordable Yoga Classes in Chicago

Mindful Yoga Chicago was founded Melissa Leger. As a former yoga studio owner, she understood the challenges of trying to create better access to meditation and yoga to different populations. While the desire to offer high-quality yoga classes by well-trained yoga instructors was there, the reality of paying overhead and operational costs of running a business made it impossible. She started Mindful Yoga Chicago by partnering with businesses, organizations, and agencies to making quality yoga classes accessible, affordable (and sometimes even free), to the local community.

Our classes and locations are still growing. Our classes are designed and taught by instructors who can teach to different abilities. We incorporate mindfulness practices to reduce stress in our students. Wherever you are at physically you are welcome.

Class Locations


All of our classes are offered in affordable series sessions with the occasional donation-based classes. Feel free to check out our upcoming series at their specific locations above or contact us if you have any questions!

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