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Setting Intentions for Yoga Class

Introduction In yoga classes all over the world, instructors methodically direct students to set their intention at the beginning of a yoga class. Often there is no guidance as to what an intention is with little time to ask much less practice. Students may go through years of practice without having a clear idea of what an intention is and even less of an idea how to create an authentic one. However, intentions can be

How Yoga Teachers Can Decrease Barriers to Entry

I walked into a Whole Foods today. Mindfulness was on the cover of at least 3 magazines, all priced over $14. The covers had beautiful skinny white women on the cover. It got me thinking to when I did research for print ads and unspecified yoga magazine touted how its readers had an average of $65K in annual income with over 40% with income over $100K. Their media kit was graced with the under 30

What yoga mat should I buy?

We often get asked, “What yoga mat should I buy?”. While we are firm believers you do not need to spend money to practice yoga, yoga mats can assist or detract from a yoga practice. A yoga mat that is too thin can make it hard to practice certain postures on the knees. Mats without enough grip can slide all over the floor. Cheap yoga mats will shred within a few hard uses. There is

DIY Yoga Mat Spray

Make Your Own Affordable Yoga Mat Spray Running a yoga studio, there were all sorts of random expenses that added up. One was simply keeping the mats and props clean. Commercial yoga mat sprays are not only expensive but increase the amount of plastic we use when there are more affordable and better options that don’t subject us to chemicals in our child’s pose. Ingredients 1/4 cup witch hazel or white vinegar 3/4 cup water

Myths about Mindfulness Meditation

As mindfulness becomes more mainstream, there is a concern that it becoming diluted and misinterpreted through promotional and marketing schemes. There are now blogs, books, and instructors promoting mindfulness for performance, mindfulness for employees, how to be happy with mindfulness, and so on. While these outcomes may occur, it is not a guarantee.  In his book, Full Catastrophe Living, John Kabat-Zinn defines mindfulness as “Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in

Adaptive Versus Passive Assists

When I teach in our 200-hour yoga teacher or CE trainings, assists for students often come up. There are two ways to complete assists: passive and active adjustments. The way to distinguish between the two types is from the point of the student. An active assist or adjustment in a yoga class is when a teacher uses verbal cues, a light tap, or slight directional movement and the student actively makes the assist by moving