April 6, 2020

Weekly Online Yoga Classes

During COVID-19 we are hosting weekly online yoga classes to support our community……wherever they are located. Classes are donation based. Donations are to our Yoga Teacher Emergency Fund or directly to the instructors teaching the online class. Many of our instructors are unable to work. Besides our classes being shut down, some of our instructors are currently unable to work at their primary jobs. The fund will be used to help those experiencing financial crisis. We will be accepting donations until everyone is allowed to go back to work. Learn more here.

Accessing the Classes

We are currently using the Zoom platform four our classes. To access the classes complete the following steps:

  1. Download Zoom on your phone, desktop, or tablet.
  2. Email us for the password. We may need to do a quick Zoom verification visit if you are not a referral or a current member for security reasons.
  3. Simply click on this link at the appropriate time, using the schedule in the calendar below. It may be a good idea to bookmark or save the link.

Most people arrive a few minutes before class to say hello and get acclimated

How to Make a Donation

Classes are donation-based. We have two ways to donate: direct to the instructor or to the Yoga Teacher Emergency Fund. The current preferred method is direct to the instructor.

Open Class Schedule

How to Get Started with Online Yoga Classes

  1. Make sure you have downloaded Zoom, set up and account, and contacted us for the password for class.
  2. Join our mailing list here to get updates as we adapt to this new online format. This is the BEST way to learn of any changes.
  3. Set up your personal home practice space. It doesn’t have to be fancy, a separate room, or a large space. However, it should be someplace that’s clean and free from distractions. A mat set up next to your bed, couch, or table is totally fine.
  4. You may be used to having props to use at our locations. They are nice but not required. You can check out our recommended products here. We’re also working on post that will show you some alternatives for props that you may already have in your house.
  5. If you are using your phone or tablet to access the live classes, recommended if you do not have a webcam or microphone on your computer, we suggest getting a tripod to help balance your phone.

What to Expect

Technical difficulties

We have several online platforms that we have already been researching but have not pulled the trigger on. Right now, our goal is to get you classes as quickly as possible, to keep your yoga practice going, to offer some much-needed stress reduction techniques and social interaction. That means things may not work quite right, we will do our best to sort them out and appreciate everyone’s patience.

Different class schedules and formats

We will be experimenting with different class schedules and formats until we get something solid. Classes will tend to be a little shorter as it has been our experience shorter sessions are more supportive for a home practice. However, we may also have more class types and formats as we have the ability to adapt a little more. We encourage everyone to give us constructive feedback to how we can help meet their needs.

Class setup and start times

For the live classes, we will arrive a little early on the Zoom platform. For instance, if the class starts at 10:00, the instructor will be there ten minutes before class at 9:50. We want to replicate our classes as much as possible and that includes creating a sense of community. This will give everyone a chance to say hello to each other, ask questions to the instructor, and communicate.

Messy houses, messy hair, and coffee in the middle of yoga

When accessing our live classes, instructors and students will be able to see you if your camera is on. I think it’s helpful to stay connected and to help the instructor give cues and modifications. You’re always welcome to turn your camera off but we encourage everyone to practice non-judgment towards themselves and not worry if their house is messy in the background, you opted not to brush your hair, and feel like drinking coffee in the middle of class.

Donations Accepted

Classes are free to participate in while we’re going through the pandemic. We feel it’s crucial to support our community in times of distress. However, donations are accepted. They are greatly appreciated helping support our instructors who may be financial distress from being displaced from all forms of income. We also recognize that students may be experiencing their own financial hardship. One of our values is to practice kindness and compassion to yourself so you know how to practice it with others. If you cannot donate, don’t worry about it. Take care of yourself and perhaps try to do something kind for someone in your community. To learn more about the Mindful Yoga Chicago Teacher Emergency Fund, check out our Go Fund Me site below.