July 30, 2018


Who We Are

Mindful Yoga Chicago (MYC) provides yoga programming and courses to agencies, community centers, and organizations. Founder Melissa Leger, has over 18 years of a yoga experience, 6 years of yoga and mindfulness training, and 18 years is training and curriculum development experience. Our company’s mission is to make yoga and mindfulness accessible regardless of ability or economic status.  Our programs are geared towards special populations who experience stress, at-risk groups, beginners, and seniors. MYC primarily works with agencies, community centers, municipalities, and non-profits to develop customizes programs for their communities.

MYC is a veteran, female, minority-owned business.

Services Offered

Yoga and Mindfulness Programming

We offer yoga courses in a variety of formats, past work includes Beginner Yoga Series, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Relaxation, Prenatal Yoga, Vinyasa Based Series, Mindful Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness, and Children’s Yoga Programming.

Curriculum Development

Every organization is different and courses need to be adapted to the specific population of students. MYC can develop courses specifically for agencies or organizations and provide facilitation of courses or train the staff within the organization to teach the classes on an ongoing basis. Curriculum development includes instructor guides, student manuals, and handouts.

Yoga or Activity Instructor Training

For organizations that have staff in other modalities that need basic yoga instructor training, we have courses ranging from 12 to 200 hours. These trainings are ideal for fitness centers or hospitals where the instructors on staff already have foundational expertise in other areas such as group fitness instructors, mental health counselors or psychologists, or physical therapists who also need to teach yoga to their members or patients. Our instructor trainings can be adapted to more of a fitness or therapeutic approach.

MBSR Courses

Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is a secular approach to meditation that can assist with stress, anxiety, depression, and pain management. MBSR is frequently taught in the hospital setting and occurs over a 9 week session. We can also create shorter mindfulness-based classes or stress reduction series.

Conference Classes and Leadership Sessions

For groups traveling to the Chicago area, we offer leadership and conference sessions for yoga and mindfulness. Classes can be adapted into a full yoga format or chair classes typically in 45 minutes to 2-hour sessions.

Continuing Education for Yoga Instructors

Continuing education for yoga teachers includes Adaptive Yoga, Mindful Yoga, Essential Oils and Yoga, and Stress Reduction Techniques. While classes are geared towards yoga instructors other participants can attend such as fitness instructors, recreational therapists, physical therapists, and teachers.

Yoga Alliance Approved 200 Hour Trainings

Through our sister company, Dosha Yoga Teacher Training, we can provide 200 Hour Yoga Teacher trainings for the Yoga Alliance 200 RYT designation. Formats available include private instruction and group format. We are currently planning our 300-hour training and going through the approval process for the European Yoga Alliance.