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How Yoga Teachers Can Decrease Barriers to Entry

I walked into a Whole Foods today. Mindfulness was on the cover of at least 3 magazines, all priced over $14. The covers had beautiful skinny white women on the cover. It got me thinking to when I did research for print ads and unspecified yoga magazine touted how its readers had an average of $65K in annual income with over 40% with income over $100K. Their media kit was graced with the under 30

Adaptive Versus Passive Assists

When I teach in our 200-hour yoga teacher or CE trainings, assists for students often come up. There are two ways to complete assists: passive and active adjustments. The way to distinguish between the two types is from the point of the student. An active assist or adjustment in a yoga class is when a teacher uses verbal cues, a light tap, or slight directional movement and the student actively makes the assist by moving