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Yoga classes can significantly increase revenues, build community, and help your organization with their overall mission and vision.

However, most organizations don’t know where to start with yoga. The coordinators may have never even taken a yoga class before. So they do what any smart person would do and post a job ad getting hundreds of applicants. Sure they all seem nice enough so they go with the one that interviewed well.  Fast forward one month later when the program starts and the instructor arrives late, is plowing people through an advanced class, or maybe starts chanting in a different language……..

Often yoga teacher training programs fall short when teaching the business of yoga. Additionally, teaching students who may be coming to classes for the first time in a hospital, community center, or senior citizen is very different from the traditional yoga studio format.

Our yoga programming is different. After years of running a studio and hiring her own instructors, Melissa Leger came to the conclusion that most yoga instructors are ill-prepared to adapt classes to the needs of the students in the room. They typically are not experienced working with businesses and organizations with different environments and standard business practices. We train, hire, and work with instructors to handle the tough part of working with yoga instructors so you can focus on what your company does best.

Our company handles the tough part, Mindful Yoga Chicago:

  • Hires and mentors teachers to take a mindful and adaptive approach while teaching.
  • Create courses and outline to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Ensure teachers are trained properly.
  • Works with organizations that are professional, client-focused, and ethical.

If you’re interested in starting programming with your non-profit, business, or organization, contact us today!


About the author:

Melissa Leger is a YAECP continuing education instructor and an experienced yoga instructor. She has completed training programs through Mindful Yoga Academy, Yandara, Yoga Institute, Mindful Academy International, Connection Coalition, Sunlight Chair Yoga, Kidding Around Yoga, and Blooma. She actively takes trainings to ensure she is constantly improving her own practice. Her main focus is teaching mindful yoga to provides students tools to deal with stress in their lives. She frequently brings in other techniques such as MBSR to help students find freedom in their practice. To help facilitate this, her classes are adapted to individuals of different ages, body types, and physical conditions. All of her trainings incorporate modifications so instructors feel confident teaching to a room full of different abilities. She currently teaches teacher trainings in Florida and Chicago and leads international retreats. You can find her online at The Smart Yoga Teacher and the upcoming Mindful Yoga Online.

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